About us

MAZISHETI is a Social organization in Service to Society. It is a voluntary non profit NGO playing the role of a catalyst in bringing together various agencies within the Public and Private sectors, social service organizations, Educational Institutions, Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Consultants, Civic Forums and like minded individuals onto a common platform and stressing the importance of deploying different forms of sustainable development.


MAZISHETI's vision is to give new meaning to the term "India - Agricultural country", where every Indian can hold up his / her head with pride and be a vital part of our country's development and growth, making it a global player in our rapidly developing world.


1. Enhancing Self Sustainability of Rural Communities
2. Triggering reverse migration from Urban to Rural Communities
3. Enhancing Excellence in Agriculture, Rural Economy, business resilience service.
4. End to end solutions to Farmers, SHG, BPL groups, youth, Housewives and senior citizens etc

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