Finally you are here !!!

Thanks for your valuable time to share report. We know you'd done lot of work and you are tired now. please spend little more time so we can reward you & your prestigious work. We proud to tell you that, you are the part of MAZISHETI which is built by 600 students, 65 employees, 26 business associates... and most important is your share in developing farmers. 

कडुनिंबापासून बोंडअळी कीटकावर नियंत्रण शक्य

🐛कापसासह, सूर्यफुल आणि कडधान्याच्या पिकांचे नुकसान करणाऱ्या बोंडअळी कीटकामुळे शेतकरी त्रस्त झाले आहेत.  ✔️ महाराष्ट्रासह देशभरातील क...