माझीशेती विषयी

 What we Do ? 

MAZISHETI set up in 2009, MAZISHETI SHETAKARI PRATISHTHAN is a non profit organization working towards the sustainable development of agriculture economy & Farmers. We develop & implement professional agriculture programs, conduct research & support rural public in their development path. We have training program for youth to do job, to start self employment. also we have wide business activity network within maharashtra region, which support newly established entrepreneurs.

Till date, we have worked with 57000+ farmers and rural entrepreneurs to support them in become a smart & professional farmer & entrepreneur. over the next few years MAZISHETI plans to focus on continuing to develop & strengthen the methodology of raising economic status of rural project participants.

 How we do ? 

1. Enhancing Self Sustainability model of Rural Communities
2. Triggering reverse migration from Urban to Rural Communities
3. Enhancing Excellence in Agriculture, Rural agronomy.
4. Forward-backward linkage solutions to Farmers, SHG, BPL groups, youth, Housewives and senior citizens etc
5. Promote human welfare through advising the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning the nature, use improvement and interrelationship of plants, soil, and the environment

Skilled force

Sr. No.
Core Skills
Field Team
Agronomy, Livelihood, Support
Management Team
Management, Policy & R&D
Resource Person
Training & Skill Development
Monitoring & Evaluation 

दुष्काळातही भाजीपाला शेतीतून मिळविले आर्थिक स्थैर्य

लातूर जिल्ह्यातील उमरगा (यल्लादेवी) येथील माळी कुटुंबीय अनेक वर्षांपासून वर्षभर भाजीपाला पिकाची शेती करतात. हंगामनिहाय भाजीपाला पिकाचे निय...