Forward Backward Linkage (FBL)

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3.4 Farmers Produce Company 
Farmers producer company act as a leading group of respective operational area. according to stability of FPC they choose their operational area. Mazisheti provides technical suport to FPC and FPC act as a nodel agency in between Farmers and other nerve system of RSD project.

3.5 Vendors
3.5.1 Logistic 
3.5.2 Hotels
3.5.3 Urban Society

3.5.4 Self Help Group
SHG works as channel partner in RSD program. SHG take initiative for provide services  to farmers in rural area and societies in urban area. It includes Backward & Forward linkage to farm practices. much of time SHG establish self processing units for value addition of farm produce.

3.6 Mazisheti 'Q' seal Suppliers
3.6.1 Fertilisers (Click Here to know about existing Fertilisers suppliers)
3.6.2 Pesticides (Click Here to know about existing Pesticides suppliers)
3.6.3 Fungicides (Click Here to know about existing Fungicides suppliers)
3.6.4 Micro neutrients (Click Here to know about existing Micro neutrients suppliers)
3.6.5 Seeds (Click Here to know about existing Seeds suppliers)
3.6.6 Machinery & Instruments (Click Here to know about existing Machinery suppliers)

4 Nerve Center
4.1 Director body & Other Mazisheti Structure (Click here to know about director body)
4.2 State monitoring office (Click Here to know about Pune State monitoring office)
4.3 Field Structure (Click here for field operational structure)