Our vision is to develop innovative agriculture system by technology transfer to farmers, jobseekers and consultants. every year more than 1000 beneficiaries participate in our rural sustainable development program. 

Our expert team guide students and adults to sustain in agri business development. Students participate from more than 19 educational institutions to transfer technology in rurban area of Maharashtra. 

We want physically and mentally strong society to fulfill dreams of worlds fastest growing economy. Every individual deserves right of employment. Every year we are trying deploy skill students in more than 14 business units.

"Know and tell others" is our backbone of development work. we promote success stories on social media platforms. 

We are working here for the medical help to rescue team. our priority is to control Contagious diseases by awareness and prevention measures application in flood effected area. 

आमचे कार्यकर्ते आणि टीम लेप्टो पायरेसिस या विषाणुजन्य आजाराबद्दल जाणीव जागृती करणे तसेच या पुरात बचाव कार्य केलेल्या पथक सदस्यांवर प्राथमिक उपचार करत आहोत.

येत्या काळात द्राक्ष बागेतील डाऊणी व्यवस्थापण

*शेतकरी  माझा :  द्राक्ष   बंधूनो  आजून मोडला  नाही कणा ......* *प्रिय सन्मानीय सदगृहस्थ,.... सदबंधू*  नमस्कार  द्राक्ष बागाईतदार ...