Thursday, June 29, 2017

Need of Detailed Project Report to start new activity

Detailed project report (DPR) is a complete report of your business flow for specific period. It will be supported in investment decision-making, approval, planning and implementation. Much of time businessman go through feasibility study report to determine planned activity sustainable or not. Detailed project report (DPR) is base document for planning, Implementation, monitoring & evaluation of the project.
DPR includes:
  1. Executive Summery - Summery of project.
  2. Baseline Survey - Pre project research & survey.
  3. Planned activity Introduction - Brief introduction of activity and why promoter has decided to implement. 
  4. Methodology of business activity - Business process & implementation with necessity technology information.
  5. Human Resources - need of skilled & unskilled human force to maintain quality & quantity of business activity. 
  6. Road Map of achievement - Mission statement & process to achieve goal.
  7. Monitoring Criteria - business activity flow checklist to achieve goal.
  8. Evaluation Criteria - checklist for tempo of business activity towards right direction.
  9. Financial Statement - overall fund requirement statement to get planned result. 
  10. Results / Benefits - end results for specific period or time interval.
  11. General Layout - business activity seed to seed process flow.
  12. Volume of Work - Brief work statement of business.
according to DPR anyone can states the direction of business and if their is any requirement to change in plan so in time without loss can change. so invest little in preparation of DPR to create roadmap towards success. 

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