Monday, March 4, 2024

Transforming Lives Through Sustainable Rural Development

"Mazisheti's Shetkari Pratishthan is committed to holistic development within rural communities. Our Gramin Shashwat Vikas Project focuses on empowering farmers, women, and youth through comprehensive initiatives.

We provide farmers with guidance on crop production techniques and facilitate cooperative efforts for better sales. Our aim is to ensure high-quality and nutritious produce. By addressing challenges such as fluctuating market prices and lack of market regulation, we strive to enhance agricultural sustainability and improve livelihoods.

In the wake of challenges faced by farmers due to non-supplemental sales channels and market mismanagement, we initiated a practical project in collaboration with the Agriculture Department, local self-government institutions, government offices, banks, farmer groups, rural and urban savings groups, and service providers. This collaborative effort ensures equitable sales arrangements for farmers while also providing nutritious and quality produce to consumers.

With a focus on rural employment creation and livelihood development, we provide extensive training to farmers, youth, and women in various aspects of agricultural practices, leadership, communication, production-business-service methods, financial management, human resource management, insurance protection, value addition, and sales management. After undergoing comprehensive training, participants show increased confidence and are better equipped to achieve desired goals.

Our initiative aims to enhance the income of farmers through production-based assistance. With the support of skilled trainers, we conduct annual training sessions, with a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 1000 farmers participating. Through a blend of theoretical and practical elements over a span of three days, participants gain valuable insights into agricultural technology utilization, effective nutrient and fertilizer management, integrated pest and disease management, government assistance, and incentive schemes. As a result, farmers can reduce production costs and achieve higher yields. Moreover, by pre-determining the price of farm produce, we have effectively resolved issues faced by farmers. Each farmer receiving training on cultivating one-acre vineyard is able to harvest grapes from 1000 acres, yielding 5 to 6 tons per acre, resulting in profitable production at Rs. 120 per kilogram.

Our initiative also focuses on providing employment opportunities to savings groups. Though savings groups are not new to Maharashtra, groups in Western Maharashtra are highly successful, boasting economic literacy and capability. Through the Bedana Cluster Development Program, we actively engage Self help groups. By uniting them, we provide training on entrepreneurship, investment, and sales management. Trained savings groups are encouraged to collaborate in business expansion, product registration, marketing and sales, market research, and timely financial reporting. Through this medium, savings groups have earned an average annual profit of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- or have created employment."

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