Rural Sustainable Development Program - RSD


 Farmers are spinal cord of mazisheti. We want to establish sustainable farming system. we provides Quality InputsFinancial literacy, Seed to seed program, Technical support, Financial Support, Govt.scheme integration, Soil & Water Conservation & post harvest solutions. our experts and students reach at farm to guide farmers. Farmers are bonded with joint liability groups. click here to participate...


Students work on develop rural agronomy system. Our expert service just takes care of forward and backward linkage of rural agronomy. Agricultural students serve farmers in seed to seed program, advanced agricultural practices. students serve farmers to enhance capacity & implement promotional activities in project area. Mazisheti provide expert service to students to decide cropping pattern based on soil type and water availability. click here to participate...


We provide master professional agronomy training to existing agronomy service providers and new business initiatives i.e. Consultants, Shoppe, Agri business centers, Govt officials, Progressive farmers etc… those trained experts guide Grazers (students) and farmers to enhance rural agriculture practices and industrialization expansion. click here to participate...

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