Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Is factories established in rural area actually helpful to rural agronomy???

Last week #mazisheti team visited in the village shewalewadi Tal. Karad Dist. Satara for survey of "pollution effect on natural resources and livestock". Our experts and volunteers conducted two days survey of approximately 3000 ha area. Grampanchayat Shewalewadi and social welfare network of this village invited us to conduct survey and submit report accordingly.

After completion of survey we are confused cause what is important to agronomy? We have to choose either Employment opportunities or natural resources. Actually much of organizations are serious for environment but some organizations like RAYAT SUGAR FACTORY are hopeless for their operations. 
Read our report on this link so you could imagine how livestock survive their....?

Natural water reservoirs and drainage system polluted very badly. Wells, rivers, ground water even farm soil also polluted. some of factory directors doesn't feel anything. We had submitted our report and social activists file complaint against factory to pollution control board but some corrupt official don't feel about environment and natural resources. Pollution by factories are common issues everywhere but lack of awareness and corruption everybody ignore it. I hope rural youth will look seriously into this environment protection issues.


Photos from survey