Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How to start business with help of other govt & semi govt institutions

Every business activity need finance. Financial institutions like bank, society, microfinance companies are support system of business development. Every financial institution provide loan support to their direct and indirect customers on the basis of market reputation and business activity scope in market. Your Average last 3 years income tax returns are key indicator of financial stability and finance available on the basis of ITR. 

If you are new entrepreneur and starting new business activity then you may get in touch with district industry center, khadi gramodyog, Mudra, social welfare, economic development corporations. These are support institutions to new start ups, business activities. Such institutions provide Training, basic infrastructure, finance which are prerequisites of every business activity. 

We are providing this services under 'Organization Resource Center' of MAZISHETI SHETAKARI PRATISHTHAN (mazisheti.org). anyone can join with us to develop their operations by filling form on goo.gl/forms/Lfj6K1QOf09LYKgv2 this link.

Mahesh Borge