Monday, April 8, 2013

MaziSheti Karip Visheshank 2013

MaziSheti Kharip Visheshank 2013

This Magazine contents lots of information in agriculture sector. this is a mile stone for Farmers. this magazine includes that subjects which are directly effects on farms. as per our knowledge this is a complete information resources for farmers.
This magazine covers following subjects-
1. Agriculture crop advisory
2. Vegetables
3. Fruits
4. Biotechnology
5. Weather forecast for kharip season 2013
6. Gaurav Maticha - salute to those farmers who innovate agriculture with his efforts
7. Care at field - what to do & what don't
8. Veterinary Guidance
9. Rural Gossips - what is the real facts behind indian culture, occasions
10. Cartoons
11. Recipe - rural recipe

all the above subjects covered in single magazine "MAZISHETI KHARIP VISHESHANK 2013" & the price Rs. 90/- is the negligible for the magazine as compared to information covered.

you can buy it directly from us on 25% discounted price. for more details contact us at 9975740444 or 9665223385