Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fertilizers - Need to change mindsets of farmers - Mahesh Borge

As usual at early morning farmer get ready to go farm for farming. Much of time they didn't know what he have to do in farm. farmers are doing basic practices in their farm, Prepare land for sowing and planting plants. spraying or spreading fertilizers at twice during season. finally crop is ready for harvesting. no one could resist those practice of farmer. actually it happens only due to lack of knowledge & observation.

overall practices of crop production are very expensive and tough for production. overall season nature plays vital role in production. due to climate change overall practices are resulted in loss. no one can says when weather conditions turns towards harmful for crop. when farmer adopt advanced practices it may results in higher productivity with less expenses. advanced practices are simple, less exertive & it results in increased production. 

Kaine Korzekwa, a science communicator says, during farming farmer needs to take lot of decisions. Fertilize farm is one of most important decision of farming. How much fertilizer to apply & when to apply is the most complicated decision of farmer cause applying more than necessity OR applying at wrong time is waste. it results in polluted soil & environment, also effect on farmers pocket. 

Handy device to check NPK available in plants
Telha Rehman from California University, Davis says, the most wasteful application of nitrogen fertilizer occurs in the middle of season. This is because its hard for farmers to know how much nitrogen (N) is already available to the crops. he is working to find handy device that farmers can use to measure the amount of nitrogen already in their crops.

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) & Calcium (K) are the basic elements for growing period. as they are necessary elements farmers tends to use these separate or combined form in traditional way. most of dosage used by farmers during plantation or sowing. they didn't notice what is soil requirement? what is crop requirement? How to measure amount of NPK available for crop OR in crop. 

Overall farmers have to change their mindsets to adopt advanced and innovate agricultural practices. utilize existing resources which is available free of cost in nature. Mazisheti Shetakari Pratishthan [farmers foundation] implementing such practices in rural area of Maharashtra region.

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