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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Paddy crop chi narsri tyar kraychi aahe khat,pani Vayvsthapan visai mahiti

Paddy crop chi narsri tyar kraychi aahe khat,pani Vayvsthapan visai mahiti deta yeil ka sir?
                                    R.T.baghade Gondia

Stage 1..
-Preparation of Nursery Area
Prepare 100 m2(10X10 M) nurseries to plant 1 ha. 
-Select a levelled area near the water source.
- Spread a plastic sheet or used polythene gunny bags on the shallow raised bed to prevent roots growing deep into soil.

Stage 2...
-Preparation of Soil Mixture
Four (4) m3 of soil mix is needed for each 100 m2 of nursery.  Mix 70% soil + 20% well-decomposed pressmud / bio-gas slurry / FYM + 10% rice hull.
-Incorporate in the soil mixture 1.5 kg of powdered di -ammonium phosphate(DAP) or 2 kg 17-17-17 NPK fertilizer.

Stage 3..
Blending mixture

-Filling in soil mixture: Place a wooden frame of 0.5 m long, 1 m wide and 4 cm deep divided into 4 equal segments on the plastic sheet or banana leaves.
- Fill the rame almost to the top with the soil mixture.

-Pre-germinating the seeds 2 days before sowing: Soak the seeds for 24 h, drain and incubate the soaked seeds for 24 h, sow when the seeds sprout and radical (seed root) grows to 2-3 mm long.

-Sowing: Sow the pre-germinated seeds weighing 90 -100 g / m-2 (100g dry seed may weigh 130g after sprouting) uniformly and cover them with dry soil to a hickness of 5mm. Sprinkle water immediately using rose can to soak the bed and remove the wooden frame and continue the process until the required area is completed.

Stage - 4
- Sowing Sprouted Seeds
Water the nursery with rose can as and when needed (twice or thrice a day) to keep the soil moist. Protect the nursery from heavy rains for the first 5 DAS.
- At 6 DAS, maintain thin film of water all around the seedling mats.
-Drain the water 2 days before removing the seedling mats for transplanting.

Stage - 5
-Spraying fertilizer solution
- If seedling growth is slow, sprinkle 0.5% urea + 0.5% zinc sulfate solution at 8-10 days interval

Stage - 6

-Seedlings reach sufficient height for planting at 15 days.  Lift the seedling mats and transport them to main field.

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