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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Manisha is the leader of rural woman farmers

Everybody knows farmers are very hard worker. Drought area and unpredictable nature is teacher of Mandesh of west maharashtra. how to survive in drought area is the main question in front of farmers. 

Manisha Kharat during cultivation of ancestral farm.
The Manisha Kharat daughter of Bhimrao Kharat from Gatewadi Tal. Man of Satara is widely discussed character for her hard work. usually Bhimrao Kharat goes out of region for grazing goats with his wife. here in home, Manisha living with grandfather, grandmother and other siblings. as a grand daughter manisha has responsibility of entire home in the absence of Bhimrao Kharat.

this year rain start showering good in man regions but Bhimrao Kharat yet not return to home so Manisha decide to cultivate her ancestry farm. Manisha is leader of rural woman farmers. this photo shows that not only Manisha but 90% of rural female force engaged in physical hard work. regular farming activities are done by women's.

Many #CSR activities can run by #NGO #Govt organizations to enhance skills and reduce physical efforts. Many corporates taken initiative by implementing of #CSR activities such as #women's_livelihood, #technology #group_farming to change life of Manisha and other rural women's.